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Belly Piercing Post Tummy Tuck

Piercing following a Tummy Tuck

Belly Piercing Post Tummy Tuck (abdominal plasty)

By In Blog On January 25, 2016

Tummy Tuck Piercings:

Can I get my belly button pierced after a tummy tuck?


Yes you can. Provided you have waited at least 6 months for healing and got the “go ahead” from your surgeon. I would recommend you see a Doctor or a piercing artist that specializes in piercing tummy tucks.  As the scar tissue is thicker than normal and may require the piercing go deeper into the flesh.  If this is the case, you will need to purchase jewelry with a longer bar to prevent irritation and infection.

Are the cleaning and care instructions the same?  Yes.  You follow the same care routine for your belly button piercing post-surgery as you would for non-surgery.  See the steps listed on my website page.

Sometimes surgery causes a loss of sensation in the affected area.  By using the “EZ Heal Navel Guard” you will have the reassurance that the belly button piercing will have a protective environment for your piercing to heal and prevent snagging, tugging, or any kind of contact with any foreign objects even when you cannot feel it. 

About the Author

Yvonne Garcia

Insly International was founded by Yvonne Garcia after her own navel piercing experience. After her piercing was done, she endured all the complications from her clothing snagging and tugging at the jewelry during the day and her pajamas and sheets pulling and tugging at night. All these complications caused irritation and delayed the healing process dramatically. She searched the internet trying to find a product that would make the experience more enjoyable and less stressful. When she could not find such a product, she decided to invent one herself. Her slogan "Where imagination and technology come together" was born from the need to create a product that would provide a protective barrier and safe environment for the healing process to begin. It is designed to protect the piercing from clothing or any foreign objects while simultaneously providing a safe environment to heal. Thus making the over all experience much more enjoyable.

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